Support - Tracking Module

Why am I not able to view or edit list?

Your account is limited only to your items. This setting has been made by the account’s primary user. Your account’s primary user can change permissions in the Sub-User Accounts section of their account.


How do I create an item?

Click on  the custom name given to your tracking module in the left menu and the click “Add (name of your tracking module)” or click the in custom icon the Quick Navigation (in the upper right corner).


How do I change the name/icon of the custom tracking module?

Only the primary user can update the tracking module settings. To update, click on the account button (upper right corner with the user's name) and select "My Profile." Scroll down to "User Profile Custom Tracking Module."

Here, you can change the name of the module, select whether to show the amounts column and select an icon.

Click "Save" when complete. Users will need to re-login to see the updates tracking module.

Available icons are: