Support - Contacts

Why am I not able to add or modify contacts?

Your account is limited to only view contacts. This setting has been made by the account’s primary user. Your account’s primary user can change permissions in the Sub-User Accounts section of their account.


How do I import contacts?

To import contacts, go to the “Contacts” screen and click the “+ Import List” button. You have to have permission to edit contacts from the primary user in order to import contacts. Your account’s primary user can change permissions in the Sub-User Accounts section of their account.

You can import contacts in two formats: Comma Delimited or Tab Delimited. Most programs allow you to export your contacts in one of these two formats. Please review the user guide of the software from where you are exporting for additional information.

Some fields require specific data to be imported correctly, please refer to the guide below (please note these are NOT case sensitive):

  • Gender: M, F, Male, Female
  • Priority: H, M, L, High, Medium, Low
  • Activity Priority: G, S, B, Gold, Silver, Bronze
  • Primary Phone: Office, Home, Mobile, Other
  • Date of Birth: must be in the following format: yyyy/mm/dd like: 1970/01/01
  • You are not able to import children or spouse.

The file extension of the file uploading must be either txt or csv (these are NOT case sensitive).

If your account is using the email module, all email addresses using the “Email 1” field will receive an opt-in email. To import emails and not send out an opt-in email, use “Email 2."  Please note that emails can only be sent for the system that are in the “Email 1” field AND that have opted-in.

From the form, locate the file you wish to upload, select the format, select if the file includes column headers, select the contact groups to associate these contacts with and select “Next Step."

The system will read the first row of data in your file and display that in the left column. Match the columns of your file with the columns available in e-Contact System on the right. For columns you do not wish to import, simply leave the field as “Do Not Import."

Once you matched the data, click “Import List”


Why is an opt-in email sent to by contacts?

For accounts using the email module, opt-in emails are sent to all email addresses entered in the Email 1 field. This opt-in email ensures the contact has the right to accept or decline receiving emails from e-Contact System on your behalf.


How do I modify Contact Groups

In the contacts area, locate the contact you wish to edit and click. Directly above the contact’s name, click on the and edit the contact. When finished, click “Save Contact."


How do I add a contact

There are two ways to create a contact:

Click on “Contacts” in the left menu and the click “+ Add Contact” or click the in the Quick Navigation (in the upper right corner).

How do I allow a contact to opt-in who has already unsubscribed?

If a contact has opted-out, you can view that contact and click on the icon beside their email address. Another opt-in email will be sent to that user. The recipient will need to click on the link in the email to confirm they would like to opt-in.