Support - Dashboard

How do I arrange the blocks of information?

When you are viewing the database, there is a beside the Dashboard title. Clicking that will show a pop-up box that allows you to:

  • Set the order for which the blocks will appear
  • Turn different blocks on or off by clicking/unclicking the checkbox
  • Set the maximum number of items that are shown in each box

When you click save, the options will be saved, so each time you visit the dashboard, the information will always appear in this format.


What does the icon next to account activity do?

Clicking this icon will allow you to expand the Account Activities portion of the screen. This option is only available if your account is using the email module.


Why do I not see information for other users?

When viewing other user information, your account is limited to only show what the primary user has given you permission to see. Some dashboards may appear blank or only show a few options, depending on permission settings. Your account’s primary user can change permissions in the Sub-User Accounts section of their account.